Friday, September 3, 2010

{Abbi-a-Day} Days 239-245

Sleepy girl

She likes to take Max's pillows and blanket and pretend they are her own. They make a great hiding spot, and a great place to take a rest!

Playing in the backyard

Yes, another day I almost forgot to take a picture. It may have been last minute, but I remembered!

Abbi found a pair of Josh's old work gloves and had a ball playing with them. She looked pretty hilarious, too!

Don't ask me what this is about. I have no idea. But it was the only picture I had!

You may notice this same dress in many of the pictures. No, I don't dress her in it every day. But she loves it. And she will dig it out of the dirty clothes if she can. Most days I come home and she is wearing it, whether it's over her other clothes or not!


Michelle said...

the dress story is hilarious. You would never think that an 18 month old would be aware of what she is wearing! That is so funny to me.

Cassie said...

I love the daisy dress and the candy necklace. And those curls! My goodness, she's a sweetie.