Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finally Legal

Today, our 2nd car went from this:

to this:


With Josh's last job, he had a company truck, so our 2nd car sat in the driveway the whole time, never getting used.  We actually contemplated selling it, but never did.  And then when he lost his job, we were both at home, so we would just use the 1 car, not needing the 2nd car.  And by this point, we were really watching our spending, so licensing this car wasn't on the top of our priority list.  But then I started working, and it was a whole different story.

Josh was home most days with Abbi, but I hated leaving him stranded.  He would take me to work sometimes, I would take the car, leaving him stranded sometimes, and yes - I did drive illegally a few times.  But today, Josh was feeling really sick, so I stayed home from work to take care of Abbi.  First thing on my agenda - licensing the car!  I had actually been working on it for a few weeks, but first of all, it didn't pass safety.  I had to get something fixed on the muffler, so it took me a few days to get that taken care of.  Then I had to go and have it re-tested.  And then I knew I'd have to drive down to the DMV to get it licensed.  (Do you understand now why it took so long??)  But today, we have 2 cars that are legal and I no longer have to worry!

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