Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finn's 2nd Birthday Party

 I can't believe that little Finn is already 2!!  We celebrated his birthday with a party with his cousins - and wow - did they all have fun!  The afternoon was filled with fun, food and games.

Of course the day had to start off playing outside.  Abbi loves the swing!

And so does Sydney!!

There was fun in the bounce house.

Although Abbi's not really a fan.  She lasted about 15 seconds in there, and won't go back in now...

And of course there was food.  No baseball party is complete without peanuts,

Cracker Jacks, hot dogs

and soda!

I love that these kids all love hanging out with their cousins so much.

Then the games started!  First up - throwing the bean bag.

Then a game of Pin the Ball on the Baseball Field!

Kirra got a little turned around!!

Then all the kids got to draw different kinds of balls.

It's art time!

And the star of the show?  The baseball pinata.  The minute it came out, these kids were excited!

The birthday boy got to go first, then all the kids got to swing at the ball, starting at the youngest.

When it finally came to Megan's turn, she bashed that ball until it no longer was a ball!

The kids went crazy over the candy.  (You should have seen Abbi gather up that candy.  She ended up with a bag full!)


And last but not least was blowing out the candles on his baseball cake.


Happy birthday Mr. Finn!!