Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Abbi's First Popsicle

Warning: Picture Overload!!

One thing I love about having a child is all of the firsts. And you can't think that most of those firsts come in a child's first year of life. I am loving that I'm still experiencing so many firsts with Abbi!

Since the weather is warming up, and since there were some popsicles on sale at the store, we decided it was time for Abbi's first popsicle!

First of all, we knew that she would need to be stripped down. This girl can't usually eat a cracker without making a mess, so I knew she would be sticky all over after a popsicle!

She made me laugh because it was like she knew exactly what to do with it. She grabbed onto the little wooden stick, stuck it into her mouth, and started sucking on it!

I thought for sure she'd try to bite it, but she took her time sucking on it and enjoying every second.

Of course I couldn't keep her still and all she wanted to do was run around the back yard, popsicle in hand.

After dropping the popsicle in the grass, I had to be sneaky and steal the remainder away from her. She wasn't too happy about that! She loved the popsicle!

And now, every time we open the freezer, she yells out "Popsicle!"

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