Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Back in February of 2001, I had the greatest history lesson of my life. 2 of my sisters, my sister's boyfriend, (who is now her husband), and I were able to take a trip to France, (with a little stop in England). We all decided that we wanted to drive up to see the D-day beaches. I knew that this location was a part of history, but I never imagined what kind of impact this site would be on my life.

I had heard stories about World War II, I had seen movies that depicted what happened. But nothing will ever compare to seeing that landscape with my own two eyes. So much time had passed, but the land still shows signs of that fight that went on there that day in June of 1944. And seeing the crosses from those American soldiers that lost their lives that day - it was sobering to say the least.

As I have been thinking about those who serve our country this Memorial Day, these are the people that came to my mind first. Maybe it's because of my grandpa's passing a few months ago, knowing that he, also, fought in this war. But there have been so many before, and so many still today, who sacrifice not only their time, but also their lives to ensure that we have our freedom. These people are all my heroes!

(Excuse the poor quality - I had to scan these photos and my scanner isn't the best.)


Cassie said...

Such wonderful pictures! That must have been an amazing experience.

Michelle said...

how amazing!