Monday, May 3, 2010

Book #28 - Eat Cake

Eat Cake
Jeanne Ray

"A slice of cake never made anyone fat. You don't eat the whole cake. You don't eat a cake every day of your life. You take the cake when it is offered because the cake is delicious. You have a slice of cake and what it reminds you of is someplace that's safe, uncomplicated, without stress. A cake is a party, a birthday, a wedding. A cake is what is served on the happiest days of your life."

I have to admit - I liked this book a lot more than I thought I was going to. I thought it was going to be a complete "fluff" book - one to read after a more in-depth book. But it was charming and fun, and I thought really well written. There were several times throughout the book that I found myself going back and re-reading passages, just because I liked the way that they sounded. And it doesn't hurt that cake is all over in this book! If you aren't a baker, I'm not sure this book would hold as much charm for you, though. I thought it had a great message to it as well, about life and especially about marriage. It made me think twice more than once and want to apply much of what was written to my own life. It's also super clean, which is also a plus. I'm guessing this would make a great book club book!

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(I also have to add on here - I've had a couple of people ask me how I read so many books. Believe it or not, the last few years I've been lucky to read 4 or 5 books a year. But I rediscovered my love for books this year! Mostly, though, I am just a fast reader. It's not uncommon for me to be able to read 100 pages of a book a day (depending on the book, of course.) Like this book was just over 200 pages, and it was easy reading, so I easily read it in 2 days. Plus it was the weekend - I'll give myself more leisure time on the weekends! I read mostly for an hour or two at night, and I have to admit that I stay up reading way too late most nights. I keep thinking I will slow down on the reading and get more sleep, but there are just way too many books that I want to read right now! I have discovered that this is my "me" time, and it's what has been keeping me sane lately!)

Have you read this book? Share your feelings!

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