Monday, April 30, 2012

Abbi Randoms - April

I haven't been very good at keeping track of the funny things that Abbi says.  In fact, I only have 2 written down from this month.  Both were while we were waiting for Tami & Janell at the museum.

"He doesn't have a roof on!"  (when seeing a convertible pull up in the parking lot)
"She's not stuck in her car anymore!" (I told Abbi that Janell was stuck in traffic because of an accident.  I guess she thought that Janell was literally stuck in her car!  So she was excited to see Janell walking towards us.)

**update - I was a little better than I thought - just found these that I had written down!

Abbi & I were getting ready to go to the dinosaur museum.  I had some raisins on the counter, and Abbi asked if we were going to bring raisins for the dinosaurs.  I told her that the dinosaurs aren’t alive anymore, that they lived a long time ago.  Abbi said “a long time ago?  Like Jesus?”

I was making French toast, and Abbi made a comment about French fries.  Josh asked her if French Fries come from French toast, and she said “no, they come from Arctic Circle!” (she’s only had Arctic Circle once in her life – I have no idea how she comes up with these things!!)

And the random pictures from the month:

playing at the park

This is so typical Abbi.  Dancing and singing!!

Watching cartoons while eating a snack

Her idea of dress up!

First time wearing flip-flops!

more Abbi crazy dancing

She does love to read!!

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