Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Field Trip Fun - Natural History Museum of Utah

I was super excited for this week's field trip.  The new Natural History Museum of Utah opened up recently, and I had heard great things about it.  Janell's and Tami's kids were on Spring break, so we all decided to make a day of it!!

Unfortunately, they both hit traffic on the way up, so Abbi, Easton and I were there for awhile waiting for them.  We found things to occupy us, though, like

trying to take self portraits in the windows, playing in the gift shop, eating a mediocre lunch at the museum cafe,

learning about Utah trivia, and walking, walking and more walking, trying to get Easton to take a nap.

The tired boy finally fell asleep, so we spent some time waiting outside until the rest of our group got there.

They finally made it, so we all headed inside for lots of fun.  I do have to say - I was very impressed with the museum.  There was a lot to do, and it was extremely interactive.  It was fun for all of the kids, no matter how old or how young they were.  And I seriously think you could spend hours and hours and hours in there.  We were there for quite some time, and I feel like we rushed more towards the end because everyone was getting tired.

I loved that you could watch the actual scientists working on bones.  Pretty crazy!

By the time we got through the whole museum, the weather had turned on us and a storm was blowing in quickly.

But obviously, the kids didn't mind!!  It was a fun day for all!

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