Friday, April 13, 2012

Marshmallow Mouth

You know how you have all of these ideas about how you are going to raise your kids before you have kids?  And then you have kids, and you pretty much throw it all out the window?

With my kids, it was sugar.  I didn't want to give them sugar until they were 1, and then I definitely didn't want it to be a regular thing - only very special occasion, until they were at least 2.

Well, that didn't happen.

It was completely out the window with Abbi.  (Maybe that is why she has such a sweet tooth now...)  With Easton, I've been pretty good.  Josh definitely gives him more sugar than I do, but I still try to not give him very much.

But, he has still managed to love sugar.  He got this Easter marshmallow baseball in his Easter basket.  It sat on the counter for days, and one day, he kept pointing at it and reaching for it, so I decided to let him have it.

He devoured the thing!! I tried to take it away from him several times because he was getting marshmallow on everything, but he would not let it go. I managed to get it away from him before he ate the whole thing, but he sure did enjoy every second with that thing!!

(Oh yeah, and ignore the garbage bag in the background.  We don't actually keep garbage on the floor like that - it's the Easter baskets, needing to go back into storage!)