Thursday, April 19, 2012

Field Trip Fun - City Creek

We'll call this one - You Win Some, You Lose Some...

 I decided that we'd go to City Creek to check it out for this week's field trip.  It would be basically free, partly outdoors, and I thought it would just be a fun day out for the kids and I.

I was wrong.

We started off with lunch at Hagermann's Bakehouse Cafe.  I want to go to restaurants that we've never been to on these field trips, and I checked online beforehand and this sounded like a good choice.  I didn't want anything sit-down, (too crazy with just me and 2 kids!) and we had been to a lot of the other restaurants that were there.  So we headed over, and I started to worry as soon as I looked at the menu.  They didn't have any sort of kid's menu, (at least not that was posted), and I didn't know what to get that the kids would even like.  I settled on a turkey sandwich for the kids to share, and I got the roast dip.

We were already in trouble because Abbi just wanted to sit in the stroller, and Easton did not want to sit in the high chair.  I should have known that this was going to be a bad idea!

Our food arrived, and while my sandwich had the potential to be really good, I was disappointed because they really skimped on the jalepeno jelly,  and that is what really made the sandwich something different.

And the kids didn't even touch their sandwich, but they loved the cookies!!  (Oh, and I got a lemon bar, too, which tasted nothing like lemon.  Disappointing...)  After lunch, we headed out to see what there was.  We saw a Disney store, and Abbi's eyes immediately lit up and she got so excited.  You would have thought we were at Disneyland!!  We headed in, and she was in heaven.

But then the 2nd bad part happened.  She spotted the princess dresses, and wanted one.  I told her that we weren't buying any princess dresses today, and she was not happy.  I was able to get her to look around the store, but she just kept wanting to go back to the dresses.  She did not want to leave that store without a dress!  I basically ended up being that mom that was carrying a screaming toddler, (while also pushing the stoller), all the way to the car.  And she screamed the entire time.

I think they were both tired, because I had a few other errands to run, but they both fell right asleep in the back. I ended up parked in a parking garage where we all took a short nap, and things were much better after that. I guess they can't all be full of lots of fun, right??? :)

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