Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Resolutions

I'm horrible about making goals and not following through. In fact, I once had a friend call me "the queen of good intentions", and although I wish this wasn't true, it is in fact true. I have such lofty goals, but I think most of the time, I end up overwhelmed and then give up on everything. So this year, I decided to make a few goals, but to keep it simple. That way, I will feel accomplished - if I actually can follow through and do them!

1 - Take a picture of Abbi every day for 2010. I tried doing a Project-365 a few years ago and fell short, but I thought it would be easy if I was taking pictures of Abbi. They might all look the same - since we do basically the same thing every day, and no making fun of me if you see her in her jammies quite often!! I'll be posting the photos once a week - so every Friday I'll post a week's worth of pictures.

2 - Read. I love to read, but the past few years, it has been forgotten because of the business of life. But I'm making it more of a priority. And I'm not aiming huge, (I've seen groups where the goal is to read 101 books in one year!!), but I'm going to average at least 1 a month. I only have to hit 12 to make my goal, and everything after that is just a bonus! Hopefully it will be easy since my "to read" list is well over 60 books and growing. I'll be keeping track in the side bar, and I'll also do little reviews on here when I do finish each book. And I've joined Goodreads - so if you are a member, be my friend!

3 - Go to the temple. At least once a month. This shouldn't be hard, because the temple is so close, but this is one goal I really need to hit.

Let's see if I can do it!!


Cassie said...

Those sound like very doable goals! And I can't wait to see more pictures of Abbi. I added you as a friend on Goodreads...I love that site!

TheKeilShpeel said...

great goals. I love that 365 pic idea..