Friday, January 29, 2010

Cake Smash!

I had been looking forward to Abbi's cake smash session for quite some time. I thought for sure she would dig right into her cake since she loves to eat so much. But I was wrong!! In fact, these pictures were taken at 2 different times! We put her down in front of the cake, and she was mostly just interested in the candle and the balloons. We couldn't even hardly get her to taste the cake or the frosting. She hates to have messy hands, so I think that threw her off. She ended up getting so grumpy, that we took her away and put her down for a nap. After the nap, she was much more agreeable. After tasting the cake myself and showing her that it was to eat, and then letting her lick frosting off my finger, she finally got it. She dug into the back of the cake, but still didn't really go for it. She ate some, made a bit of a mess, then decided she was done! But Max enjoyed trying to sneak in and get a few licks of the leftovers, and now every time Abbi sees cake, she wants some!


Michelle said...

those are so cute! the colors are adorable, and she is just a doll! what kind of pan do you use to make that little cake?

Abby said...

My niece was the same way! But not C. He totally got it.