Friday, January 22, 2010

{Abbi-a-Day} Days 15-21

Ok, a few of these deserve explanation! In this one - I had been trying to cut back on nursing a bit, and for some reason, all Abbi wanted to do this week was nurse. She would always be looking for the Boppy pillow, which she would point at to let me know she wanted to nurse. Well, she had been pointing at it, and I picked it up and put it on the couch so she couldn't see it. So this is a picture of her trying to get to it from the back of the couch! She also does this cute thing that when you say "Where is it?" and she doesn't know, she'll stick her hands up to say "I don't know." (She also does the same thing to mean "all done" when she is eating!) I asked her where the pillow went, so she held up her hand to say "I don't know!"

For some reason, Abbi loves the closet. She'll usually just pull everything out that she can, but on this day, I was in the bedroom sorting laundry, and I look over and can't see her. Then she sticks her head out, and she thought it was the funniest thing!

Abbi and her cousin Brooklyn

Yes, we have an issue with her wanting to stand up in her high chair. So I have to keep my eye on her at all times. But look at that belly! No one can accuse me of not feeding her!

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Michelle said...

she is so cute. I love the "don't know" picture. so funny