Monday, January 4, 2010

Bathing Beauty

When Abbi was just a baby, she didn't love baths. She screamed every time we gave her a sponge bath when she came home from the hospital. And it didn't go over much better when she got to sit in her baby bath and take a real bath. In fact, it was several months before she would actually sit there and enjoy it, and I didn't have to rush to get her in and out in 3 minutes before she started crying. But now? She LOVES baths. If I ever ask her if she wants to take a bath, she gets so excited that she squeals! She doesn't love taking a bath in the actual bath tub - I think she likes the security of the baby bath - and she hates it when I wash the shampoo out of her hair, but besides that, it has to be one of her favorite times of the day. And now she has discovered splashing, and there is no way to stay dry in that bathroom!! But I can't help but smiling and laughing right with her whenever it is bath time!

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Michelle said...

I don't think I've ever heard of a baby that hated baths! I'm glad she grew out of it! (Damon takes 30 min. (at the least) baths everyday. I love it.