Tuesday, April 13, 2010

12of12 - April

I always look forward to the 12th of each month now for these posts. But this month - wow. It was one of those days. Those days that you wake up feeling totally motivated to get tons of things done, but halfway through the day you just want to give up and take a bubble bath. I'm glad I got 12 pictures to post from this day, because I wasn't sure I'd be able to!

1 - Cartoons in the morning. It was the only way to distract her while I made her breakfast. Usually, she wants breakfast right when she gets up.
2 - Unpacking the suitcase full of clothes that was thrown on the floor when we got back into town the night before.
3 - Picking out which recipes I'm going to make from this month's Cookbook of the Month cookbook for Taste and Tell.
4 - Finished reading a wonderful book!
5 - Gave Max some attention since he was acting like he never gets any attention
6 - Ran some errands, which included a trip to the grocery store,
7 - and the library to drop some books off.
8 - Crying, crying and more crying. I told you it was one of those days...
9 - Started a new book
10 - Admired my beautiful flowers that have come up. But also cringed at all the weeds in the flower beds.
11 - Tried giving Abbi dinner, but she refused. Ended up with a dinner of cheese crackers. Sometimes you just have to give in.
12 - Ice cream. Because it was one of those days.

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Cassie said...

I'm very familiar with those days. The pictures are still great though.