Tuesday, April 20, 2010


DOB: January 29, 2010
DOD: April 18, 2010

Anyone know how long the longest helium balloon has lasted?? I don't know the answer, but we might have a world record on our hands, here!! I bought these balloons for Abbi's cake smash pictures, and the last one just barely stopped floating. Kind of funny, considering the sign at the party store said that they would last 10-12 hours!


Abby said...

We've had balloons last forever, too. In fact I've had to murder them because they ended up driving me nuts. Then I felt bad because of the helium shortage. Did you know about that?! The end is coming.... HA.

Jenny May McKim said...

Too funny.
As I look over into my dining area by the cubby where my sewing station is, there is still one lonely ballon floating to the ceiling that we have been lazy to get down.... you are so right - so much for the 10-12 hours!

Michelle said...

no way! they actually floated that long! that is nuts!