Friday, April 16, 2010

Book #23 - City of Bones

City of Bones
Cassandra Clare

How you go into reading this book will determine whether you love it or hate it. If you are wanting a book with wonderful writing and an original plot, I'll say that you might be disappointed. But if you are looking for something fun and mindless to read, you will love this book.

I had read several reviews of this book before picking it up, so I was prepared. And I have to say that I really enjoyed reading it. Even though it's close to 500 pages, I read it in 3 days - which shows that it is super easy reading. There were a few things that bothered me about it, like the fact that the main girl is 15 years old, yet she uses words that I had to look up because I didn't know what they meant. A lot of the story really made me think of a mix between Harry Potter and Twilight. Many reviews said that it reminded them of Star Wars and Buffy, but since I'm not a Star Wars or Buffy fan, I didn't see them as much as I did Twilight and Harry Potter. Speaking of Twilight, I felt a lot about this book the way I did about Twilight. I wasn't crazy about the writing in either, but for some reason, they both had me wanting to continue to read.

The end of the book was left completely open, so I can't wait to read the next book in the series!

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Cassie said...

I read this last year, and I really thought I would like it, but it left me surprisingly unsatisfied. I can't really put my finger on what it was I didn't like. My stepsister really loved it though, and most people I know who've read it did too, so I guess I'm just weird!