Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend in New Mexico - Part 2

(I don't know why I had to make this into 2 posts - the trip was really only 2 days of driving and one day at a funeral. But I take a lot of pictures - I guess that's why!!)

On Sunday, we stopped back by Grandma and Grandpa's house to visit for a few more minutes and to get some pictures. This trip was the first time they met Abbi, so I wanted to make sure we got some pictures.

After a bit of visiting, and hearing some stories that I don't remember ever hearing, we hit the road. But not without a stop at Blake's Lotaburger for some burgers with green chile. I hadn't been there since at least high school, so it has been a long time! Josh loved his burger, and especially the onion rings. Abbi slept through it all.

Is there a drive you've made a million times, but never really stopped anywhere along the way? I can't tell you how many times I've been along the road from Utah County to Farmington and just passed by all the sights along the way. The last time we went to Farmington, (almost 3 years ago), we stopped at The Hole in the Rock, and this time, we decided to stop at the Welcome to Utah sign. It came at the perfect time because Abbi was getting restless and she really enjoyed a few minutes out of the car. I know it's not really a "tourist attraction" or anything, but it was kind of a fun place to stop! We played for a few minutes, walked past the sign so we actually walked from Colorado to Utah, took lots of pictures, then hopped back into the car for the rest of our journey.

The rest of the way was uneventful. We made it back home safely to a dog that was happy to see us. Although it was a sad occasion to be going down for, I'm grateful that I got to see so much family.


Cassie said...

I love love LOVE the picture of her with her back to the camera, facing the sign with the weeds in her hand. That is a beautiful photo!

Michelle said...

i love all the pics

-bcgw. said...

aw, the photo of daddy handing baby daughter the reed or grass, whatever it is, precious precious keepsake... she will love to see this later on in life ;]