Monday, June 14, 2010

12of12 - June

Ay, ay, ay... Sometimes I think that the 12th of each month comes on the most inconvenient day! Or else Abbi senses it's the 12th and she has one of those days, and taking pictures is next to impossible...

But regardless, I was able to sneak out 12 photos for my day. I almost skipped this month because I didn't have very many photos, but I made it work!

1 - cereal for breakfast 2 - Abbi has grapes - her favorite lately 3 - playing cool in the sunglasses 4 - lots of reading for me today since Abbi won't let me put her down 5 - looking out the window, half naked, in sunglasses. What a goof. 6 - tired girl 7 - reading books with Abbi. She is obsessed with this pig book lately. 8 - More books with daddy in the teepee 9 - a quick stop at Wal-Mart for some potting soil 10 - Quiche for dinner 11 - it was Orem Summerfest, so Abbi and I went over to get some pictures of food for the Zupas blog. 12 - Abbi loved looking at everyone and everything!

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