Monday, June 28, 2010

June Family Dinner

The weeks seem to be just flying by, and it was time for family dinner again. June was our turn to host. Usually, we'll just do it at someone else's house because ours is just too small for that many people, but since it's June, we decided to have it in our back yard.

I'm so glad that my dad was in town, and my grandma was in town as well. The only ones we were missing were Kacy and her family. :(

Thank goodness for big trees, because it was actually quite pleasant in the grass in the shade. The kids had fun playing together, like usual.

And we set up some horseshoes to keep the guys occupied!

And of course there was food. We kept it simple and just did hamburgers and hot dogs, but no backyard bbq is complete without watermelon!

We also set up the teepee in the backyard and the kids loved it.

They also loved jumping and playing with grandpa!

And Max was even good. Camryn loved him and by the end of the evening, they were good friends.

After we all ate, the fun really started. Tami taught us a game that they played at girls' camp.

Ride, ride, ride that pony

You can ride that big fat pony

I won't even try to describe it, because I won't be able to do it justice, but let's just say:

It was hilarious!!

Such good times and I can't wait for next month!


Amy Mitchell said...

Seriuosly too funny! Your Grandma was hilarious- Good times

Cassie said...

I think it's so fun that your family gets together every month for dinner. Looks like you had a blast!