Saturday, June 12, 2010

Evening Walk

We took advantage of a fairly cool evening earlier this week to go for a walk up the canyon. I love where we live and that beautiful paths like this are plentiful. And I love summertime when we can spend time outside getting some fresh air!

So does Max. This is his idea of a good time!

I know Abbi doesn't look happy, but she was a good girl. She loves being outside, too, but only wishes that she was free to get down and run up the path! I probably would have let her if there weren't so many bikers, runners and skateboarders along the path.

We even got a math lesson along the way!

Of course there were beautiful sights below us and in front of us.

We stopped at a restroom along the way, and I was in such a hurry I just ran to the door. It was locked, so I turned around to go back to the path and I saw this. Scared me half to death. Needless to say, I jumped a fence to go around this guy. I didn't want to cross his path again! (He was about 4 feet long. And I don't really like snakes, so a 4 foot long snake is a bit intimidating!)

We stopped at one of the many parks along the way. Abbi was restless to get out, and she was so happy to run free!

But what she really wanted to do was walk Max. I think she was jealous of me and her dad, getting to hold his leash along the path. She would not let go of it once we gave it to her!

She was having the time of her life!

One more reason I love summertime!!


Cassie said...

She. is. so. cute. I just can't get over it.

Michelle said...

such cute pictures....and holy crap! that snake is huge! I've never seen one that big in the wild!