Friday, June 25, 2010

{Abbi-a-Day} Days 169-175

Abbi has this new thing where she always has to have two of everything she eats - one for each hand. She will seriously throw a fit if she doesn't have one in each hand!!

Playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Doing the Mickey Mouse hot dog dance. I think she thought the sprinkler box was her stage!

Oh, my goodness - my baby girl is all grown up!! She now refuses to eat unless she is feeding herself. Messy, messy times, although she is much better with the spoon than I thought she would be!

Picking the "flowers". Yes, she thinks the weeds are flowers.

We have at least one of these every single day...

Close up - of course with food all over her face!

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Cassie said...

Andrew is like that too, with the one in each hand thing. Those goofy kids.

Love the new header!