Sunday, June 6, 2010

Book #37 - Astrid & Veronika

Astrid & Veronika
Linda Olsson

Yet another book that I didn't know anything about before I read it. There was a food blogger who listed all the books she read in 2009, and for some odd reason, I added them to my list of "to-read" books. For some reason, I think that just because someone said they read a book means I need to read it too!!

This was a good book, although a bit depressing. It is a story of an older woman who has a younger woman move in next door to her, and about the friendship that evolves between the two of them. They both have had tragic things happen in their pasts, and although they are very different, they are still able to form a very strong bond of friendship. It does show how important it is to not live in the past and how important friendship and love is. The journey these two women had to make to discover that was a hard journey, but in the end, they both find happiness.

It was a good book, but like I said, a bit depressing. I did love that it made me think about life and love, though. It's always good when a book sticks with you after you read it!

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