Friday, December 24, 2010

Book #76 - Poison Study

Maria V. Snyder

Blurb:  Yelena, convicted of murdering the son of a powerful general, awaits execution. But with only a few hours left, she is offered an incredible reprieve -- and agrees to become the new food taster for Commander Ambrose, the military leader of Ixia. Living in a palace and eating only the best meals is a dramatic change for Yelena, who spent the last year locked up in a rat-infested dungeon, eating gruel. But she soon realizes that she has more to worry about than ingesting potentially lethal poisons in the commander's meals. The general whose son she murdered has vowed bloody vengeance, and everyone in the commander's retinue look at Yelena as an untrustworthy criminal. The longer she stays alive, however, the more she begins to understand her own perplexing abilities -- all of which will be put to the test when cunning rebels plot to take control of Ixia. (from Goodreads)

Opening Sentence:  "Locked in darkness that surrounded me like a coffin, I had nothing to distract me from my memories."

Length: Medium - 409 pages

Notes:  I really liked this book.  It wasn't anything deep or mind blowing, but it was a good, entertaining book.  And it kept me drawn in - last night I stayed up until after midnight to finish it!  I thought it was a little bit predictable, but not entirely.  I'm curious to see where the series goes!

Random quote : "Everyone makes choices in life. Some bad, some Good. It's called living, and if you want to bow out, then go right ahead. But don't do it halfway. Don't linger in whiner's limbo."


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Cassie said...

I really liked this book too! The others -- Magic Study and Fire Study, I think -- are pretty good too, but I think Poison Study is by far the best. Such an interesting concept!