Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas!!

We had a great day, and to say that Abbi got spoiled is an understatement!!  We decided to take it easy and we stayed home all day.  We even stayed in our pjs all day!!  We started the morning with Abbi waking up to the presents Santa brought - a buggy-sized table and a stocking full of candy and toys.  Then we opened presents, and Abbi was super excited to get a Pillow Pet, some play food, some coloring books and a whole box of fruit snacks from mommy & daddy. She also got a play grocery cart from grandma & grandpa Mitchell.  Josh got a new set of scriptures, and I got a cookbook that I have been wanting!
Checking out her princess camera that she got in her stocking, while sitting at her new table.

What else is in my stocking??
Helping Max discover what Santa brought for him
1st present (because it was the biggest!) from Grandma & Grandpa Mitchell
She had no problems ripping right into the presents this year!
A pillow pet!!
It's food!!
Coloring in my new Minnie Mouse coloring book
Pretending to sleep on the pillow pet :)
After a breakfast of the annual fried scones, we hung around and relaxed.  Josh's parents came over to bring Abbi a truck-load of presents.  She got a baby doll, complete with stroller, crib and swing, as well as a full, kid-sized kitchen set of pots and pans.  And then the big one - a play kitchen!  I would be lying if I didn't say that I wanted to get down and play with it!!  I know this little girl has hours of playtime ahead of her.

Look at all these presents!
What is it?
Getting some help from daddy
This box was so big she could barely see over it!!
In fact, she had to get up on the couch to get started on it!
Admiring her new kitchen
Daddy had a lot to put together!
I made a Christmas dinner, with ham, potatoes, brussels sprouts and bread - even though we weren't very hungry.  I guess we had too much candy all day!  But it was a wonderful day, and we all went to bed exhausted that night!

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Cassie said...

I love the picture of her pretending to sleep! SO CUTE!

Merry Christmas, Deborah. It looks like you guys had a great one!