Friday, December 31, 2010

December Abbi-isms

Overheard while she was dancing in the living room - "dance with me puppy, dance with me!"


After showing her an "owie" I had on my arm - "I kiss better", followed by lots of kisses to my owie.


While driving in the car -
me:  what does a dog say?  Abbi:  ruff, ruff
me:  what does a cat say?  Abbi:  meow
me:  what does daddy say?  Abbi:  I love buggy!
me:  what does mommy say?  Abbi:  I love buggy!
me:  what does Abbi say?  Abbi:  I love buggy!


We got in the car to run errands, and she had a sippy cup of water in her car seat.  She took a big, long drink, followed by "DELICIOUS!!"  I had never heard her say "delicious" before, so it made me laugh!



Cassie said...

I love this age so much. The things that sometimes come out of their mouths!

Michelle said...

love her!