Monday, December 13, 2010

O Christmas Tree

 Each Christmas is getting more and more exciting, especially now that Abbi is understanding more of what is going on.  We were so excited to go and pick out a Christmas tree with her this year!!  Last year, I forgot my camera, so I made sure not to forget this year!

 It worked out perfectly, because we decided to go when Josh was at lunch one day.  It is so much easier to pick out a tree when it is light outside!

 Abbi loved walking up and down each aisle, looking at all the trees.  I think that she wanted to bring them all home with us!

 We have been going to the same tree people every year since we've been married now.  They always have such beautiful trees!

 Abbi was just excited to be there and loved every minute.

 Once we got the tree home, Josh got it all set up and in the house.  Then Abbi and I went crazy with the lights and decorations.  I always forget what a pain those lights are to put on the tree. 
 Abbi loved to put the ornaments on the tree and wanted to do it all herself.  She was mostly a good help!

 And she got even more excited when she found a Santa hat in the decorations box.  This hat has become one of her favorite accessories - I don't know how she's going to let it go when Christmas is over!

 And since I'm never on this blog, I thought I'd throw in a little self portrait.  Hee hee!!

And the final product - minus the star on top.  We've saved the star for Josh to put on, but he hasn't done it yet.  I got tired of waiting for it, so I just took the picture without!  It turned out beautiful, although we've been having light issues.  I tested all of the lights before we put them on, but one strand ended up having a short in it.  After figuring out where the faulty strip was, I figured out that if I just took the strand out and connected the others, you couldn't even tell a strand was missing!  Then a couple days later, part of another strand has started to go in and out (you can tell on the left side of the tree...) but I'm not even going to worry about it!  It looks like we might need to invest in new lights next year!


Cassie said...

It looks like you had so much fun! Your finished tree looks so beautiful.

Michelle said...

those are the greatest pictures!!!! Makes me want my own tree! (we're always in Utah, so we never have had one! - so sad!)

love ya!