Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Festivities

Well, New Year's Eve didn't go quite as planned, but we still had a blast!!  My sister had lined up a cabin to rent where we were all going to stay for a few days/nights.  But, as luck would have it, the snow was our enemy.  The weekend before, snow had taken out all of the electricity and blocked the roads into the cabin.  Some family members were going to go down on the Wednesday before New Year's, but another snow storm came through, which meant that there really was no way to get to the cabin because highways and roads were closed because of snow.  Bummer.

But we decided to make the best of it anyway.  Tami hosted us all at her house for food, fun and games.  My little family had been fighting sickness all week - Abbi had a fever the Sunday before and was throwing up until the Wednesday before, I had been fighting a sore throat/cough and a fever earlier that week, and Josh started coming down with it all on New Year's Eve.  Abbi & I decided that we were feeling well enough to go down for some fun, but Josh wasn't feeling well at all.  So we didn't get to start the New Year off together. :(

But Abbi had fun playing with her cousins (and getting to stay up WAY past her bedtime!)

We ate some delicious appetizers, then found some time to play games.  (Yes, I know I look super tired.  And we were laughing that my mom and I were doing the same thing!!)

Tami had fun things for the kids, that included bubbles and

decorating fun masks!!

When midnight was approaching, we all gathered around to watch the ball drop in Times Square.

5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1!!!

There were party hats, noise makers, and sparkling apple juice to ring in the new year.

I can't remember exactly where the grape thing came from - I think it is a Chinese custom where you are supposed to eat one grape for each of the 12 seconds after the New Year and you make 12 wishes for the year.  I could be wrong - I'm quite forgetful when I'm pregnant!!

Happy New Year!!

And of course there was a toast to health, wealth and happiness for the new year!

I can't believe Abbi stayed up so late - I'm pretty sure this is the latest she's ever stayed up!

All of the party animals - minus Kevin (who is taking the picture) and Kade.  (Can you see how grumpy and tired Abbi is? :) )

Abbi and I stuck around to watch mom & dad box it out on the Xbox Kinect.  It was so funny to watch!  I'll have to go down and try it myself one of these days - maybe once I've had this baby and I can actually move around.

It was a great night - despite the change in plans.  I'm so glad I was able to ring in the new year with such great family!

(Thanks to Janell for half of the pictures!!)

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Michelle said...

so fun! I can't believe all the kids were up so late! haha! We went to a party with a bunch of friends, and we did a count down to 7 pm! It was brilliant!
love you!