Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Went to See Santa...

and all I got was this lousy sucker.

That's all I could think of when we left the mall the other day after going to visit Santa.  In years past, they would let you take your own pictures, but this year, the rules have changed.  If you want pictures, you have to pay them for their pictures, and they watch you like a hawk to make sure you aren't sneaking any pictures.  I was kind of bummed.  It was Abbi's first time going to visit Santa, and although she got really shy and wouldn't tell him what she wants for Christmas, (her list is presents, fruit snacks, and a pillow pet), I would have liked to snapped a picture.  Oh well.  It looks like next year we will be crashing someone's church party - since they never have Santa at ours!!

1 comment:

Cassie said...

Wow, what Christmas spirit, right? Sheesh. I guess everyone is out to make money these days. It's just such a shame. The sucker looks delicious, though! :)